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Damp and Timber
Surveys & Reports

PPNI offer damp and timber surveys/reports for landlords/tenants, homeowners and pre purchase clients in Belfast and Northern Ireland. Our surveys are carried out by a PCA trained surveyor competent and meticulous in the identification of damp.

Not all damp is rising damp!

Various forms of damp can portray symptoms of rising damp which is not always the case. Rising damp treatments can be expensive, disruptive and if misdiagnosed can cause more unwanted disruption and stress. I would recommend to all potential clients to get their own independent surveyor. Independent damp and timber survey carried out by PPNI.

Damp issues are easily covered up with partition walls (stud walls) decorative floors etc. Our surveys are thorough, rigourous and inclusive of any damp  issues within a property with an honest and logical explanation as to why. Our reports are clear, detailed and come with conclusions, recommendations and a guidance quotation for any work required.

Damp Proof Survey Belfast

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